Learning About Auto Accessories for Heavy Duty Trucks

Learning About Auto Accessories For Heavy Duty Trucks

Where To Find Parts When Restoring A Classic Car

by Carole Graves

That idea that all the parts of a restored automobile have to be new is not only not correct, but it might be impossible. If you are restoring a car or truck and start to look for parts, there are several places you can look. Unfortunately, buying parts for a classic car is not matter of just running up to the local auto parts store and getting them off the shelf. But they are out there if you know where to look and how to find them.

Used Parts

One of the best options for restoration parts is to find used parts that are in good shape. They do not have to be in perfect shape, but if they can be repaired, repainted or replated, they are good candidates for a restoration. In many cases, these parts are available in places like flea markets, swap meets, and sometimes you will find them on an online classified site. Just be sure to check the parts out well before you lay down cash for original parts. Sometimes people will try and pass off reproduction parts as OE parts, and the value of them is very different.

Reproduction Parts

Some people will buy new reproduction parts for their restoration project, and while the car will look great, the parts are not original equipment so the value of the car will be much lower than if it was a full restoration. The reproduction parts make it a repair, not a true reproduction and to most collectors, that is not good enough. If you do a restoration using reproduction parts, you need to be clear and disclose that to anyone interested in buying it. If the car is just your project and you are planning to keep it and pass it to your kids someday, that value is not an issue.

New OE Parts

There are not a lot of old parts around that are in new condition but there are still some hiding in old warehouses, auto parts stores, and garages that no one even knows are there. The term used to describe these parts is new old stock and what it means is older model parts that are in new condition and sitting in a box somewhere. They are very valuable, and if you discover some, it is like finding buried treasure. These parts are extremely sought after so even if they are not for your car, buying them to resell is a good way to raise more money for your project. If they do fit your project car, you are getting the best of both worlds. Old parts that are in like new condition that will raise the value of your car because it has been restored with original equipment parts.

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