Learning About Auto Accessories for Heavy Duty Trucks

Learning About Auto Accessories For Heavy Duty Trucks

3 Awesome Paint Ideas To Take Your Auto Restoration To The Next Level

by Carole Graves

When you are doing an auto restoration, there are some important decisions to make for finishing touches. The paint is something that you want to spend more time on to ensure that your car looks great. You may also want to do somethings that are unique and different. Here are some awesome paint ideas that will take your auto restoration project beyond perfections:

1. Protective Coatings in The Right Places for A Durable Restoration

There are many areas of cars that are vulnerable to damage. You may want to protect areas like lower fender panels and the undercarriage from road debris, rust and corrosion. A great way to do this is to talk with the body and paint service about spray-on protective coatings, which will protect the areas of your car that are most vulnerable to damage. These protective coatings are the same material that are used for spray-on bed liners for pickup trucks and will help protect your car from unsightly damage. This is a good idea if you plan on driving your car regularly.

2. Contrasting Colors That Make a Statement When Your Car Is Finished

If you want the paint job of your restoration project to make a statement, consider combining different colors. A two-tone paint job is a great way to make your car look unique. You may want to consider painting the hood, roof and trunk one color and painting the bottom half a different color. Using a combination of dark and light colors will also help to make the two-tone paint design standout. The contrasting colors will help to make a bold statement with the paint design.

3. Change Your Statements with Solid Color and Protective Vinyl Wraps

There are also ways that you can make a statement with and change it whenever you get tire of the look. Vinyl car wraps are a great way to protect the paint job of your vintage restoration project. Have the car painted one solid color to preserve its original look and use vinyl wrap to give it a custom look and style that you want. Wraps can be any color and design that you want to add to your restoration project.

These are some auto paint ideas that will help you complete your restoration project with the perfect look. If you need help with repairs and parts to get your car ready for paint, contact an American vintage car parts dealer to get everything you need.  Visit a site like http://reggiesgarage.com for more help.


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Learning About Auto Accessories For Heavy Duty Trucks

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