Learning About Auto Accessories for Heavy Duty Trucks

Learning About Auto Accessories For Heavy Duty Trucks

Things To Ask Yourself When Choosing Fleet Telematics

by Carole Graves

As a fleet manager, keeping track of your drivers and equipment is important, but it can be a tall order. One of the things that many people consider is the investment into a fleet telematics system. If you're considering this, there are a few things that you should think about before you invest. Here are a couple of the things to consider.

Can You Consolidate Everything In One Platform?

When all of your information is in one place, it's much easier for you to see trends and correlations between data. Look for a provider with a platform that integrates all of the information so you can see both actual activity and draw reporting on your fuel consumption, mileage, driving hours, and more. This helps you identify loss areas and other important information.

What Kind Of Coverage Does The Network Offer?

In order for a telematics system to be beneficial, you have to be sure that the network they rely on will cover all of the areas where your drivers travel. If it won't pick up your driver data all the time, the information won't be nearly as beneficial. Look for a service whose network doesn't have any dead zones in your work area. The better the coverage, the more reliable the information that you'll get from your telematics system.

Is It Easy To Install And Use?

A telematics system that's difficult to use or really hard to install is going to be a challenge on many fronts. With so many different options, you can take time to find one that will actually give you the information you need in an easy-to-manage platform and will be easy for you to install. Remember that you may need to add telematics to new trucks, so don't dismiss the install as a one-time challenge, because you may face it again in the future.

How Is Their Customer Support?

Remember that your fleet telematics system is something you'll rely heavily on and use every day. For that reason, you need to know that any problems will be dealt with expeditiously and with ease. Look for a company that offers full-time support and an easy-to-contact help desk. It's also best if the company provides upgrade support and more for the existing system. Ask about feedback from existing customers when possible so you get a real-life look at what the situation is.

What Is Your Budget?

The final thing to think about is what kind of budget you can set for your telematics investment and maintenance. Remember that a service that seems like a good deal may not be once you read the fine print. Consider the cost compared to what's included. If you have to pay for upgrades or you're charged a service fee for calls to support, those things can add up even if your monthly expense isn't that high.

Talk with a local telematics fleet tracking service today to find out what your options are and to choose the right platform for your company.


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Learning About Auto Accessories For Heavy Duty Trucks

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